You are here for a reason. Whether you are stepping into your power, prioritizing your health, or seeking balance in your life, Mija is a resource to aid you on this journey. This is a space for healing, empowering, and connecting with the Whole Self—a community of unconditional support.

Pero why Mija?

The word “Mija” means mi hija, or my daughter. It’s a Spanish term of endearment for a woman or girl who is treasured, adored, and cherished. Mija ties me to my warm, loving Mexican roots, mi familia. It reminds me of my beautiful mom, Adriana Elena, and her mom, America Victoria, and her mom, Esperanza—women whose names mean shining light, victory, and hope. Mija Wellness & Healing honors this lineage of powerful womb women who brought life into this world, against great odds and with great love, so that I may be here today—and the greater lineage of women who collectively create a life in this world. It’s a reminder of the place we hold in this ancestry of love, of light, and of healing. It calls us to stay connected to the child within, and to the women who created us in their wombs, the cradle of life.
Families are made of humans, and sometimes our lineage can appear as a tangled root of suffering. But my teacher Rosanne Romiglio once told me that in Native American Spirituality, when we heal a wound within ourselves, we send that healing back seven generations, and forward seven generations. I know this to be true. It empowers me and gives my healing a greater scope than just myself. Mija Wellness & Healing is a space for healing within ourselves, up and down our family lineages, and out to the whole world. May you find peace, joy, and release here.
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