About Lauren

Hola, I’m Lauren! I’m a 200-hour Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher, with over 10 years of personal practice. In February of 2020 (just before the world changed), I completed my yoga teacher training in Ubud, Bali, Island of the Gods, with Radiantly Alive. I view yoga as an empowering and sacred path to healing the Whole Self. Yoga is so much more than the Westernized “yoga fitness” narrative we are fed—traditional yoga philosophy teaches that yoga is a path to freedom from suffering.

When we release tension, compression, stiffness and pain in the body, we consciously create space for joy, freedom, ease and peace to take its place. When we align our bodies in yoga asana, we align to our highest and purest dharma or soul’s purpose. When we create shapes with our bodies beyond the “regular” postures we hold in our day-to-day lives, we send a signal to our bodies on a cellular level that we are FREE.

A regular yoga practice can have profound and lasting impact on our lives—believe me, it changes the whole game, if you allow it to. My goal as a yoga teacher is to give you the tools to explore and release tension in the body so that we may live more freely and joyfully. We all have the power to heal ourselves—in fact, Ayurveda teaches that we alone have the power to heal ourselves. May this practice allow you to move through discomfort, fear, and turmoil with an unshakable connection to the Whole Self—complete, confident, and candescent.

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